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Fishing Brothers is for all fishermen and anglers who love being on or near the water. Whether you are after glory and bragging rights, or simply enjoy passing time, we hope that you find whatever it is that “floats your boat.”

The Fishing Brothers Darrell & Mikey As Kids

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I must admit that we must be hooked on fishing. Fishing Brothers Darrell and Michael Riley went out today and were casting into water that was so murky we couldn't even see our bobbers floating on the surface. I mean the rain yesterday did us in. However, like any other fishing nut, we just had to be there.

Too much time had passed since we had taken the time to go fishing. Yes, we had to take the time.. That meant dropping everything else after we attended church today at the River of Life Church, which is under the leadership of Bishop Greg Davis, who is a fisher of men.

All together, we caught about five fish today and despite the low numbers, we had a great time and the Fishing Brothers' Fall season has o-fishally begun.

Fish On!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gone Fishin'

The Fishing Brothers will be back on the bank again tomorrow. We plan to head out and see how the bass and bluegills are biting down state. This is usually a great time to catch some big ones before the winter sets in.

However, it has been a little cold lately so, they may be biting a little slower. We are not going to let that bother us at all. If it takes a thousand casts, we won't mind... because, the main thing is spending some time unwinding (or winding your reel), laughing and just enjoying friends and family.

Fish On!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Missing the Action

I have not been fishing in quite awhile and I am missing the action. I have been working too much and you know what they say, "All work and no play..." makes me pretty edgy about right now!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spiritual Encounters

I value close encounters of the spiritually uplifting kind. Fishing trips always seem to deliver in this regard. Yesterday was no exception. Fishing Brother Darrell Riley and I went to Silver Lake in Dover, Delaware for our mandatory relief and reality check. Although catching lots of fish is fun, the most rewarding part of the experience is the connection with nature and other people. Sometimes, it's just the two of us and other times, we encounter strangers who usually don't remain as such for very long. There is healing in retreat from the stifling effects of over thinking and over doing. Our goal was to disengage and submit to our natural interests. Yeah, fishing was the name of the game, but there was and is always much more to it.

We met a handful of interesting and wonderful people. We first encountered a group consisting of a middle aged black woman and a young white couple. They were out enjoying themselves as a family. That's right, I said as a family. The younger people were very respectful and caring toward the older lady. I could tell that they had a lot of love and respect for each other. Even though they lacked money and other resources, and they were running low on everything except love, energy and a zest for life, they obviously knew how to make the most of the time they chose to spend together. The positive atmosphere was contagious.

Later, along came an older gentleman, who during the course of conversation, disclosed that he was 68 years old (He looked more like he was in his early 50's). This man just lost his mother last week and was in town from North Carolina to settle her affairs. He said he needed a break from dealing with emotions caused by his mother's death and said that he had seen us fishing and laughing and thought it would be good for him to come on over and join us.

Turns out, he was a "Man of Means" and when he saw that the other group did not have enough bait and refreshments, he said, "I'll be right back." The man got up off the ground, got in his car and drove to the store and bought everything he could think of to add to total strangers' day. I was in awe of the kindness of the true nature of man... when allowed to be shared unconditionally.

To sum up the day, it was beautiful day, shared with beautiful people.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Fishing Was Pretty Crappie

Ah Ha! I bet you thought that was a typo in the heading. Nope. I meant to do that (clever eh?) Anyway, as stated, the fishing last Saturday was all about catching some pretty crappies down at our favorite pond in Milford, Delaware. It's funny how sometimes you just are in the right place at the right time. Well, that's how it was for the Fishing Brothers. We started off at Garrison Lake in Smyrna, but there wasn't much happening, so we bounced on down the road. Now, normally we have our favorite pocket at our place in Milford all to ourselves. However, this time, there was a guy and his son there... I was thinking, awwww mannn... But, I guess the fella was not diggin' the way the Fishing Brothers looked... So, before we could hook-up our gear, that duo was out of there. No problem, mate. First cast, 3/4 pound crappie... second cast... 1.1 pound crappie... third cast... 3/4 pound crappie... and it just kept going on and on all day long. The highlight of the day was watching brother Darrell earn his first citation for 2009 for his catch of the day a strapping 12 inch crappie with a 9.5 inch waistline. I sure wish I could tell you exactly where we were... But, you know how it is.

Peace and good fishing to you.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

There is much to be said for not participating in the cares of the world. Today, my niece, my daughter and I headed out on our first fishing trip together to Breck’s Mill on the Brandywine River, despite the heat wave. You see we march to the beat of our own drum. We are not participating in the recession and we are not hiding in-doors if it gets a little hot out. We value our freedom and we aim to enjoy every bit of it.

While tossing lures and landing bluegills, I noticed another adventurous soul standing boldly in the shallows. The gentleman’s name was Jay and he was a fly-fisherman. Jay had his share of luck with “smallies” and bluegills today. You could tell by his presentation that he was an experienced angler. I asked Jay what patterns he was using and he said he was having luck on “poppers” and dry flies.

It was really good to see that my family and I were not the only ones who were ignoring worldly distractions and weather reports. Jay, if you read this, Man, it was a pleasure meeting you and keep right on fishing and living.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Serious Fishermen

It is always good to get away for a few hours and wind the reel and unwind the mind. That’s all we need – everything else is a bonus. A serious fisherman will drop a line anywhere. That’s why I don’t have any fish as pets … I would probably breakout the number 10 hooks and 2lb test and have at it - in the aquarium. I know that sounds messed up, but hey, “To thine own self, be true…” The biggest bass I have ever caught was not “meant” to be caught. I figure that if a man has to fork over the bucks for a fishing license, then he ought to be able to take advantage of opportunities that “should” be readily available. I live by the credo, “Make it happen.”